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Eugene Kenny & Chuck Roy team up to present EUGE! Chuckles.

These are the videos Chuck and Eugene produced for the 11/13/2015 EUGE! Chuckles at Armoury Show.

Have you been injured in an accident? Get the Old Black Guy! The Old Black Guy, America’s best legal expert, can get you paid! Call the Old Black Guy today! (420) 555-1212.

The American Jewelry Hour host Effington Gentry interviews artisan, craftsman and American jewelry icon Alfred Pauling, of A. Pauling Studios in Taos, New Mexico, about his heirloom collection of Krappsonite bracelets made with rare, quality Junkatrine.


The Old Black Guy stars in his first movie! You’ve gotta see the Old Black Guy crush it in a courtroom. He’s amazing!

Based on the Public Domain movie, Stranger in Town.

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